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The 3rd Missionary

1 Corinthians

(Part 6)

Looking for more than Milk?

We've got classes you can sink your teeth into. We'll give you context and insight into the culture and geography that affect the events in the Bible. We tackle the tough questions and the perplexing passages, and we do it in a responsible, well-grounded way.

But we never lose sight of the sole purpose of studying Scripture--to draw near to God. 

Free Classes

All our classes and course materials are free, but copyrighted. See the footer below for more info on that. We gladly accept support (also in the footer) but we don't believe in charging folks to learn about God. That seems sorta counter to the whole Jesus thing.

If you're new to our classes, check out A Gentle Ramble through the Bible for our current series. You can watch the videos at your leisure or join us LIVE via Zoom on Thursdays at Noon Central Time.

All our other classes are podcasts. Some classes are series and some are single classes. The topics range from End Time Prophecy to parables of Jesus. We've got something for everyone!

You'll find the full library of classes on our Classes page.

Tropical Leaves

About the Teacher

Pastor Gayle Evers is an ordained minister and holds a Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She has taught Bible classes her entire life, following in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents. That said, this is not your grandma's Bible class! Gayle will surprise you, challenge you, and make you laugh. Her research is impeccable, and her delivery is entertaining. 

Click here for more about Pastor Gayle


See what folks have to say about these classes...

"Gayle’s Bible study is what I’ve been looking for my whole life!  The friendly, fun, and thorough classes with Study Guides are excellent for understanding Scripture." 

Pat V

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