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Who is the resurrected Jesus?

What is he up to now?

Does it matter?

Hebrews is written especially for those of us stuck in guilt, running in circles, and feeling far from God.

We are not alone. There's a great cloud of witnesses who know exactly what we're facing.

Dark Wood

Hebrews - Introduction

Why is Hebrews relevant today?


What is its central message?


Join us as we start a new class on a book with a very important message for today's Christians.

Hebrews - IntroductionPastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 43:45

Hebrews Ch 1A

Does Jesus outrank the angels?


Speaking to us through the prophets didn't work, so God sent us a living Word...a picture of his Message, The Messiah, Jesus!

The Hebrews were arguing over whether Jesus was really deity, or was he just another angel?

Hebrews Ch 1APastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 48:21

Hebrews Ch 1B & 2A

Chapter 1B - JESUS definitely outranks the angels. The status of Jesus vs the angels is settled emphatically.

Chapter 2A - BEWARE of DRIFT !!
The Hebrews are in danger of ignoring a message more important than the Mosaic Covenant.

Hebrews Ch 1B & 2APastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 1:02:18
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Hebrews Ch 2B & 3A

Chapter 2B - Jesus is "made perfect"! What does that mean?? Jesus is made for a little while lower than the angels and is made perfect. Pretty confusing, until you unpack the writer's Scripture references.

Chapter 3A - Jesus is worthy of greater honor than Moses. That is an explosive statement to make to the Jewish Christians. The writer has to be very, very careful as he proves the truth of his statement.

Hebrews Ch 2B & 3APastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 49:59

Hebrews Ch 3B

Can we lose our salvation?


Did Jesus contradict Himself when He said to be saved we only need to believe...And then said he who stands firm to the end will be saved?

Hebrews Ch 3BPastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 39:21

Hebrews Ch 4

Is there more to "God's Rest" than inactivity?


"God's Rest" is a basic concept throughout Scripture. God has been calling us into His rest since the creation...So what is His rest, exactly?

Hebrews Ch 4Pastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 55:22

Hebrews Ch 5 & 6A

Chapter 5 - High Priest or King?


Both! Jesus is High Priest in the order of Melchizedek. That means He is High Priest and King.

Chapter 6A - Can you list the elementary teachings? Make a list of six or seven basic Christian teachings. Then compare it to Heb 6:1-3. Bet the lists don't match!


Get a new perspective on "dead works" and "various baptisms."

Hebrews Ch 5 & 6APastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 55:56
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Hebrews Ch 6B

Baptism with the Holy Spirit and with Fire

Confused about baptism for repentance, baptism into Christ, baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire?

You're not alone!! Check out this class for Part 2 of our discussion on baptism.

Hebrews Ch 6BPastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 1:13:55
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Hebrews Ch 7

Is Melchizedek a Man or Christ or something else entirely?


God adds an oath to His promises to the Israelites only six times in their entire history. And one of those times is when He makes Christ a High Priest in the order of Melchizedek.

So Melchizedek must be important!
Why don't we know anything about him?

Hebrews Ch 7Pastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 53:50
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Hebrews Ch 8

Heresy or Truth?


Is God going to institute a new system of sacrifices after the Second Coming of Christ?


Is there going to be a Temple with Levitical priests while Jesus reigns on earth?


Is there a contradiction between Jesus and the Old Testament Prophets?

Hebrews Ch 8Pastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 1:05:11
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Hebrews Ch 9

Jesus died for us...and for Heaven?


The Tabernacle in Heaven needed to be purified. Men needed to be sanctified. Animal sacrifices couldn't do the job, but Jesus could!

Hebrews Ch 9Pastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 42:56

Hebrews Ch 10 & 11A

Chapter 10 - God Has Forgotten You Ever Sinned!


So stop worrying about the past. Don't go back to the old sacrifices. They're worthless. In fact, to go back would be a slap in God's face.

Don't welcome sin back into your life. The Holy Spirit and sin cannot dwell comfortably together. One or the other has to go!

Chapter 11A - Faith isn't Invisible.

Faith is the visible, tangible embodiment of your hope. Faith is not real unless it affects everything you do. Faith is something others can see in your life and in your actions.

Hebrews Ch 10 & 11APastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 53:56
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Hebrews Ch 11B

Who Are Those Guys?


If you picked the Top Ten People of Faith in the Bible - would you pick Enoch, Jephthah and Rahab?


If you don't even recognize their names, you're not alone!

Find out what's so special about them in this conclusion of Chapter 11 of Hebrews.

Hebrews Ch 11BPastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 1:01:09
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Hebrews Ch 12 & 13

Mission Possible!

You can do it...God says so. Jesus says so.
All those folks in Chapter 11 say so.

Hebrews ends with a picture of the Christian you are called to be. No baby any more. But a deepening, growing, maturing Christian.

Hebrews Ch 12 & 13Pastor Gayle Evers
00:00 / 45:19
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