Have you ever wondered how the Bible all fits together?

This is the class for you!


We start at the beginning and journey through, just us and our Bibles.

Pastor Gayle is a storyteller, so don't expect a verse-by-verse approach.

Instead, she offers fresh perspectives as well as practical tools to help build your confidence in digging into Scripture on your own.

A Gentle Ramble

Choose Your Own Adventure

Each video is about 30 minutes of teaching plus about 15 minutes of discussion. 

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A Fishy Tale

Tobit is a righteous man living in Galilee until he is exiled by the Assyrians to their capital city of Nineveh. He rises to an important position in Assyria, only to lose everything when he is caught burying the bodies of fellow exiles who have been thrown outside the city walls.


There follows an incredible tale involving an angel in disguise, hidden wealth, inexplicable blindness, death wishes (two of them), a demon king (!!), a sudden marriage, and a happy ending. 


Hang on for a wild ride!


Truth and Lies

The story of Judith is set at the time of the fall of Israel and Judah (both--it’s a mashup). General Holofernes threatens to overwhelm the forces of Israel. The tiny town of Bethulia guards the mountain pass. 


Judith, a righteous and beautiful widow living in Bethulia, devises a plan to deceive General Holofernes. Asking God to bless her in her deceit, she enters the enemy camp with nothing but her handmaid and a bag of food.


Is her deceit blessed by God? Good question. She does, in fact, deliver Israel from the hands of General Holofernes. We’ll give some thought as to what parts to take away and what parts we should perhaps leave behind.


Who Is Wisdom?
Baruch, Wisdom, Sirach

The Apocryphal books of Baruch, the Book of Wisdom, and the Wisdom of Ben Sirach all emphasize the importance of Wisdom. Her value is far beyond that of riches or any power. In all three books she is emphatically female.


And yet, we get conflicting views of her. In some passages, she is omniscient and all-powerful, the very image and breath of God, while in other passages she is quite clearly a created being (albeit the very first created being).


In this class we explore these passages and compare them to similar passages in the Proverbs of the Hebrew Bible as well as passages in the New Testament.