Have you ever wondered how the Bible all fits together?

This is the class for you!


We start at the beginning and journey through, just us and our Bibles.

Pastor Gayle is a storyteller, so don't expect a verse-by-verse approach.

Instead, she offers fresh perspectives as well as practical tools to help build your confidence in digging into Scripture on your own.


Choose Your Own Adventure

Each video is about 30 minutes of teaching plus about 15 minutes of discussion. 

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Classes Available


1 Samuel 1 - 7

The Last Judge of Israel


We meet Samuel, the last judge and the greatest prophet in Israel since Moses.


This man hears God audibly.


He is a king-maker and the mouthpiece of God, and he gets more terrifying as he ages (kinda like some of the rest of us). There's a chiasm in this story but we won't be covering it in class. The details are in the Study Guide as Bonus Material in case you'd like to check it out.


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Note from Pastor Gayle: All our podcasts, videos, handouts, and course materials of any kind are copyrighted. You may download and print them for personal study. You can even use them for group studies. There are two important caveats:

1. Give credit for the work where it's due.

2. Don't charge for the materials or information. That's super important to me. No charging people to learn about God. Period.

Got it? Okay, then. Have at it!