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Have you ever wondered how the Bible fits together chronologically?

This is the class for you!


We start at the beginning and journey through, just us and our Bibles.

Pastor Gayle is a storyteller, so don't expect a verse-by-verse approach.

Instead, she offers fresh perspectives as well as practical tools to help build your confidence in digging into Scripture on your own.

A Gentle Ramble

Choose Your Own Adventure

Each video is about 30 minutes of teaching plus about 15 minutes of discussion. 

If you'd like to join the class LIVE via Zoom, click here to sign up. We meet online each Thursday at 11:00 am, Central Time.

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Although the class is designed to be experienced via video, if you prefer podcasts, click here for the audio-only series.

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The 2nd Missionary Journey


The Church at Philippi

Barnabas wants to take his nephew John Mark along on their second missionary journey, but Paul absolutely refuses, saying J-M “deserted” them last time. They disagree so vehemently they end up splitting up. Barnabas takes J-M and sets sail to Cyprus, while Paul teams up with Silas and heads towards Galatia by land where they check up on the new churches there.


On their travels, Paul has a vision of a man begging them to come to Macedonia, so they head there straightaway. They find open hearts in Philippi, especially in Lydia, a wealthy businesswoman, and they stay there until Paul loses his temper and gets them in trouble with the authorities.

We cover Acts 15:36-16:40.


Thessalonica, Athens & Corinth

Paul, Silas and Timothy continue down the Via Egnatia to Thessalonica where Paul’s preaching lands him in hot water again. They are smuggled out by night to Berea where Paul still cannot seem to keep his mouth shut. 


He preaches everywhere, no matter the danger. This time when trouble hits, they have to split up. Silas and Timothy remain in Berea while Paul is taken to Athens. He has a crazy encounter with the famous Areopagus and then heads to Corinth where he gets a job while he waits for Silas and Timothy to join him.


Together they establish a new church of believers in Corinth. But Paul is worried. Frightened even.

We cover

    Acts 17; 18:1-18 (and Psalm 91 in the discussion).

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