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Above the Clouds

What translation should I use?

How do I easily look up the Hebrew and Greek?

Where can I see maps?

Are there resources I can look stuff up in?

I can't afford study materials.

Are there free resources?

                      Start here 

Watch this video for a quick demo of some free tools available for download or on the web

Bible Research Options - Free and Low Cost

Bible Research Options - Free and Low Cost

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Links to resources in the video

e-Sword    Free Bible Study software

eStudySource for bibles and reference materials (not free) for lots of free independently developed e-Sword modules

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible    Free lexicon of ancient meanings    Free online research resource    Free online research resource


Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries (free)

Thayer's Greek Definitions (free)

Smith's Bible Dictionary (free)

Nave's Topical Bible (free)

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Defn's (free)

Helpful e-Sword Modules

available within e-Sword


Bible in Basic English (free)

New American Standard Bible Study Set

about $20 for the set including the NASB, the NASB w/Strong's, and the NASEX Hebrew/Greek Concordance. Set can be purchased within e-Sword in the "Download" option.

If you buy anything, I suggest buying this set.

King James w/Strong's Numbers (free, you can use this if you don't purchase the NASB set)


American Bible Society Maps (free)

There are many other free atlas options under "Graphics" in the "Download" option

A word about Translations

You need a Bible translation that is easy to follow but is modern enough to reflect advances in biblical scholarship.


I like the New International Version (NIV), but there are many others that are just as good for study including the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the New Oxford Annotated Bible (many seminaries use this one), the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), etc.


Try to find a "Study Bible" in your preferred translation so you have the advantage of lots of helpful material right at your fingertips.  

What you don't  want is a paraphrase. They are great for devotionals but not so great for study. These would include things like The Message or The Living Bible.

And if you seriously love the King James Version, be sure you are using the New King James Version...not the original one translated in 1611. It's a little out of date! 

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